The various materials in our collection and their respective codes include Wood Products (WP), Masonry (MA), Concrete (CON), Glass (GL), Metal (ME), Polymers (PO), Textiles (TX) and Composites (CP). These materials are available in room 008 of Slocum Hall, and are open for check out on a 1-day loan period. To locate a material found on this site in the storage room, say WPA001, the first two alphabets (bolded) WPA001 represents the material code (Wood Products) while the third alphabet (bolded) WPA001 indicate its respective containing Box A located in the storage room 008 of Slocum Hall. The last three digits WPA001 tell item number one in Box A. See library staff for any necessary help.

The collection include materials ordered from companies such as 3Form, Yemm & Hart Green Materials, American Hardwoods, Hendrick Architectural Products, and American Acrylics as well as a subscription to Active Matter. The core collection was acquired through a generous donation from SmithGroup in Washington, DC.